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I am an investigative journalist, born in Damascus to a family that fought for freedom and democratic values for many years in Syria. That's why I decided to focus my work on human rights violations, women's and minorities' rights, and war crimes, especially in conflict areas in the Middle East and North Africa.

I have closely covered the war in Syria for over ten years and participated in major cross-border investigations. My stories have been published in European, American, and Arab media outlets in more than seven languages.

I was honored to receive the "Jim Hoge Legacy" Grant from the International Center for Journalists, which is awarded to journalists who are reshaping the journalism landscape in their countries. I was also shortlisted for the Arab Investigative Reporters (ARIJ) award.

As an experienced journalism trainer, I conduct training programs for hundreds of journalists and media organizations in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia, Afghanistan, and other conflict areas. I specialize in advanced journalism, including investigative journalism, fact-checking, crisis and conflict coverage, environmental investigative journalism, digital journalism and Media Business development.

Additionally, I am the founder and editor of the Women Who Won the War, a journalistic and training  platform that reframes women's stories in conflict areas as champions of peace, freedom, and justice!

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